Boiler water pH booster or alkalinity builder is a multipurpose Boiler Water Treatment Chemical that increases the alkalinity and pH of boiler water for corrosion inhibition and also aids in removal of sludge or boiler deposits and prevention of scaling in boiler tubes.

Normally the Boiler feed water pH should be at 8.5‐9.5 for avoiding boiler tubes corrosion or rusting due to acidic attack.

The pH booster is also synergized with one more property, that is, water conditioning. This helps to sequester the mineral scales or hardness of water and provide scale inhibition. This property of the product makes it profitable for users for its round the year savings of power and labor, and increase in production.


Appearance Water white to pale yellow
Odor Almost Odorless
Insoluble Matter 0.3% Max
pH >12 (As per requirement)


  • 50 kg Carboy/ 200 kg. Drum
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