The removal of dissolved particulate carbonaceous BOD and the stabilization of organic matter found in wastewater are accomplished biologically using a variety of micro-organisms. Micro-organisms oxidize the soluble and insoluble carbonaceous organic matter into simple end products and additional biomass.

Oxygen, Nitrogen and Phosphates are needed for the conversion of the organic matter to simple end products - carbon dioxide and water. This oxidation process is carried out by micro-organisms. New cells are produced during the oxidation of the organic matter. It is a balanced blend of high potency bacterial and fungal cultures. The product is specifically designed for rapid bio-degradation of organics i.e. rapid lowering of BOD, COD, SS, TDS, and other pollutants in the effluent.


Appearance Greyish to dark grey powder
Odor Yeast-like odor
Specific Gravity 2.92
Soluble in water Soluble


  • Eco-friendly, user friendly, non-flammable product; harmless to human, animal, birds or aquatic life forms.
  • Effectively handles shock loads.
  • Can conditioned and stabilize water bodies where sewage is allowed to flow in.
  • Effects odor control.
  • Quickly lowers BOD/COD to permissible limits.
  • Saves energy costs.
  • Requires little or no process modifications.
  • Easy handling & application.


  • 1 Kg Bag.
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