Agriculture has being basics to human being from beginning. The plants and crops are main basic need to growth of any country and for farmer as well, but now a days soil quality decreasing continuously and losing its nutrient values hence growth of agriculture is not maintained as we think. So, one must need something that fulfills the nutrient requirement of soil to grow the crops well.

AGI is leading manufacturer of water soluble fertilizers in INDIA. As a global supplier of water soluble fertilizers, our product portfolio includes the most important fertilizers used in every agricultural crop. We offer the most comprehensive range of fertilizers for agriculture development. AGI is driven by team of well educated techno-crates. It is Fast Growing Company & Leading Manufacturer. It is engaged in Manufacturing of Inorganic Chemicals, Water and Waste Water Treatment Plants and Chemicals. AGI is an existing in More than 20 Countries.



Our main vision is to become a renowned market leader in the field of CHEMICAL by offering RIGHT SOLUTION as per the need of customers’ at most competitive price. We are the leading company in International market by ethically and professionally through continuous supply of qualitative products to Fertilizer and Industrial Segment.



Our mission is to provide right material at right time at right price. We want to achieve good market share in the field of Chemicals and Plants. We want to provide best qualitative product at competitive price to enable satisfaction and peace to our customers where our revenue lies.

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