It is High molecular weight flocculants are capable of promoting flocculation by neutralizing the superficial electric charges of sludge particles in the water and un-stabilizing each individual particles. The particles then are absorbed by the activated functional group in the flocculent polymer.

Typical Properties

Appearance White Granular Powder
Active Content >90%
Bulk Density 0.71
Molecular Weight (x104) 1800 - 2200
UL Viscosity (cps) 450
Aqueous Solution pH (0.1%) 6 – 8

Product Characteristics

  • Superior flock formation
  • Major effects yielded with limited use
  • Superior cleaning performance
  • Use over a broad pH range
  • Combined use with inorganic flocculants heightens superior treatment effects



Dosage for Flocculants shall be calculated after Jar Test only, generally 1-3 ppm dosage is required of 0.1 % solution.


  • 10 kg paper bags or 25 kg in poly bags 50 kg/ 200 kg in HDPE drums


Industrial Waste Water Treatment Primary Clarification
Secondary & Tertiary Treatment
Sludge thickening
Sludge dewatering
Color removal
Dissolved air floatation
Sewage Treatment Primary Treatment
Sludge thickening
Sludge dewatering
Process Industries Paper Making Retention & Drainage
Sugar Manufacturing Mud Settling
Chlor-alkali Brine clarification
Thermal Power Clarification of scrubber water
Mining & Metallurgy Tailings thickening and water recovery
Coal Tailings thickening and water recovery
Petroleum Drilling fluids, EOR, Profile Modification
Raw Water Treatment Clarification
Dewatering of lime alum sludge and recovery of water

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